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10. Wild Beasts – Smother. 10

Einai i stigmi pou sou kovetai i anasa apo kapio below level xtypima kai ola pane pio arga, den akous, den mporeis na vgaleis axna, ews otou tin istati stigmi ksemplokarei to systima kai anapneeis akatapausta!

Kapws etsi einai i mousiki kai oi stixoi tous apo to teleutaio tous album Smother.

Entelws asymvivastoi ixoi, wraies melwdies, nyxterina topia kai poly, poly leme…synaisthima!

O titlos tou album einai vasika i apolyti eksigisi gia tin fwni tou front-liner twn wild beasts kai to pws tin diaxeirizetai…


until now…

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Wild Wild Beasts

Ο Hayden Thorpe και η παρέα του επιστρέφουν με καινούργιο άλμπουμ, ονόματι “Smother”, το τρίτο κατα σειρά, και δείχνουν ξανά τον εσωτερικό βαθύ βαθύ αισθηματισμό τους. Καραsensual που λένε…

Στο ίδιο μήκος κύματος με το προηγούμενο LP “Two Dancers”, με σουπερυθμικές μελωδίες και αυτή την “ευαίσθητη” φωνή, όλα δένουν καλώς.

Ακόμα και ο Ντόνκυ θα το άκουγε…

Εντόυ (:D)

Wild wild wiiild

I’m going to share an album that it was produced in 2009 by Domino and when I first listened to it I thought about turned it off. But after the second time on my turntable I listen to it almost everyday…

Wild Beasts – Two Dancers then…

This album is about aristocrats. Aristocrats that they have anarchy inside them. However the balance between aristocracy and anarchy is quite well managed and Wild Beasts have produced their second album.

Probably fans of their first album, Limbo,Panto,  may be less enthusiastic even though the Two Dancers is a more organised presentation of their work.

Even if you think that Antony from the Antony & the Johnsons is singing, you will love this album and especially their melodies…

Hope to enjoy it…

8 out of 10