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Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us. A “pop” band, as they call themselves, with Swedish music and American vocals that met in Berlin.

Their second EP album, deBonton Grab Bag, is in the stores from which we share a remix of their song Headlong Into Night by Codebreaker.

Thieves Like Us – Headlong Into Night (Codebreaker remix)


ps: nice album cover ah?


In Africa #3

Ο πολυ-τάλαντος Madlib επιστρέφει με τον τρίτο τόμο του Medicine Show – Beat Konducta in Africa. Η Stones Throw προσφέρει 2 κομμάτια απο το άλμπουμ…

Sebastien Tellier – Sexuality


2008 release by the patriarch of french disco and sensuality

one of my favorite albums of 2008

by the way i enjoy the clip everytime more n more

LCD Soundsystem’s new single

LCD Soundsystem are in the studio for their new work that is going to be released on May 18th in US with DFA/Virgin and May 17th in UK with DFA/Parlophone.

Until now, only one song is on air from the new album and is called Drank Girls.

Here’s the official audio clip from LCD Soundsystem.


Boy Crisis

Boy Crisis is an American band that is been influenced by the post-disco/post-punk sound of the early 1980s.

Besides that the video clip of this track is hilarious – xeilarious  !



Ο Andrew Weatherall εμφανίστηκε ξανά και αυτή τη φορά με τους Detachments. Ένα disco club mix πολύ καλά παρασκευασμένο πάνω στο τραγούδι τους, H.A.L.

Detachments – H.A.L (Andrew Weatherall’s Disco Club Mix)


Glass Candy

Το πρώτο ‘επίσιμο’ βίντεο των Νεοϋρκέζων Glass Candy σε σκηνοθεσία Travis Peterson. Απίστευτα ρετρό – όπως άλλωστε και οτιδήποτε άλλο από τους Italians Do It Better…

Βρείτε το βινύλιο εδώ.