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Unkle’s new single

…and they have returned.

New single, new big hit. Unkle’s ‘Caged Bird’ is the new single from their new album “Where Did The Night Fall”. In this track, Katrina Ford is featuring and she’s quite awesome. Please have a taste…

UNKLE – Caged Bird (feat. Katrina Ford)



Unkle, Unkle, Land

Unkle have already produced two great albums. The Never, Never, Land and the Psyence Fiction. They have collaborated with many artist, on numerous mix albums and now they are in the studio for their third that ‘s going to be called Where Did The Night Fall.

One sneak peek in their album before it reaches the stores is the song Natural Selection feating the Texan lid-flippers The Black Angels. Beautiful song, revealing the real Unkle once again.


UNKLE – Natural Selection (feat. The Black Angels)