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12. Battles – Gloss Drop 12.

arxika tromazoun..moiazontas me klasma me polles metavlites
k ari8mous me polla dekadika psifia..
me ton xrono..kleinontas ta matia,pairnontas
va8ies anases..k ksunontas ligo to kefali
oi aplopoiiseis erxontai mones tous k
to apotelesma einai enas apo tous kaluterous diskous tou 2011
k isws to kalutero klip tis xronias

13.Peaking lights – 936 (Not Not Fun). 13
14.Gang Gang Dance – Eye Contact (4AD).14
15.Dumbo Gets Mad – Elephants at the Door (bad panda records). 15
16.James Ferraro – Far side virtual review (hippos in tanks).16
17.Mark McGuire- Get lost (editions mego).17
18.Baby Guru- baby guru (inner ear).18
19.Balam Acab- wander/wonder (tri-angle).19
20.Bjork- biophilia (one little indian).20



(αν και κλεμμένος ο τιτλος…μ’αρεζε)..

Beastie Boys…Make some noise! Νεο αλμπουμ Hot Sauce Committee Part Two!

Δεν χρειάζονται λόγια… Απλά απολαυστε το!


και οχι μονο αυτό αλλα ετοιμάζουν και ταινία με τίτλο Fight for your Right!! Ειδού το τραιλερ..

summer camp

ekei ginontai ta kalutera konne..

lene..k dn prepei na’xun adiko..

aπό το  ΕΡ  ‘Young’    Sept.2010

p.s. En kärlekshistoria

κωλιές κ πέτσινο..

ρόδα-τσόντα κ κοπάνα(τον)..

Unbearably Hot Chip


Maximum Balloon feat. Aku – Tiger

No, this is not a sex tape. Too bad by the way, because Daisy Lowe is a hell of a babe. Dancing in front of an HD camera for the Esquire is the main figure for this video clip of Dave Sitek’s new track ‘Tiger’. Dave Sitek aka Maximum Balloon is coming from the band ‘TV on the Radio’ with a catchy and well produced track that hasn’t been released yet. We are expecting the whole new album in August.


LCD Soundsystem’s new single

LCD Soundsystem are in the studio for their new work that is going to be released on May 18th in US with DFA/Virgin and May 17th in UK with DFA/Parlophone.

Until now, only one song is on air from the new album and is called Drank Girls.

Here’s the official audio clip from LCD Soundsystem.


Gorillaz – Stylo (video)

Here’s the new video clip of Gorillaz’ new song, Stylo. Beautifully produced, Bruce Willis is in it, perfect for a short film. Cannes here they come…