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Pantha du Prince remixed by Animal Collective

Everybody should know that Animal Collective are brothers with the German minimal techno Pantha du Prince. So the famous Panda Bear lent his vocals to “Stick to My Side” from Pantha’s Black Noise, and Pantha remixed Animal Collective’s “Peacebone”.

Now, the whole Animal Collective team lent their remixing talents to another Black Noise track, “Welt Am Draht”, and you can check out the results below.

Enjoy Pantha Lovers!


The Acorn

With a new album out recently and countless of remixes/collaborations and other bits and bobs, Four Tet is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Check out his latest remix for the Acorn on Bella Union’s soundcloud page, where you can also download it from! Bonus…

Hot Hot Chip

Everyone knows Hot Chip’s new album One Life Stand. Great piece of work.

Here’s a song from the album, probably a little bit changed since it’s a club version made by Bonnie “Prince” Billy and it’s really nice.

You are going to find it in the album under the name I Feel Better but here Billy is playing with the words.

Hot Chip – I Feel Bonnie (feat. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy)(Club Version)


ps: Synch Festival dates are announced and are 4-5 of June. Only two days this year. Be there…

Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us. A “pop” band, as they call themselves, with Swedish music and American vocals that met in Berlin.

Their second EP album, deBonton Grab Bag, is in the stores from which we share a remix of their song Headlong Into Night by Codebreaker.

Thieves Like Us – Headlong Into Night (Codebreaker remix)


ps: nice album cover ah?

The Sight Below

Since Monday is at the most of the times a blue Monday, here’s a song from The Sight Below that it can remind it to you the moment that you click the play button.

The Sight Below – New Dawn Fades

The Seattle based artist usually stays away from the spotlight. Instead, he expresses himself through melancholic music forms. The New Dawn Fades comes as a remix to Joy Division’s New Dawn Fades and as a “blue” song it’s perfectly mastered.

Enjoy!   [if you can, : ) ]

Shout Out Louds

I always knew when I listened a group from Sweden that it is going to drag my attention. And this happened again when I listened to the Shout Out Louds.

A group of 5 with the producer Phil Ek managed to produce a very well balanced album with great melodies and real music in a beautiful mix.

They are going to release their third album this week that is going to be called “Work”. Some of their songs you can find in their website, along with more informations about them, here.

Here is one of their songs in a Passion Pit Summertime Radio Remix that I listened to and I wanted to share.


Shout Out Louds – Fall Hard (Passion Pit Summertime Radio Remix)

Gorillaz with Guns

Let’s talk about this superb band called Gorillaz. They are in the studio for a brand new LP that it will be called Plastic Beach and the song that I listened to just now was amazing!

The song? Stylo ( feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack) in a Chiddy Bang remix. Excellent!

Thank God there are more to come…

Gorillaz are going to perform a series of live shows and they are also going to play live here in Athens on 6th of March at the Olympic Centre of Tae Kwon Do. The pre-sale for the tickets has already begun. Tickets will cost 10euros.

See u there then…


Gorillaz – Stylo (Chiddy Bang remix)