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Four Tet Yet Again

Check out Caribou‘s pretty cool remix of Four Tet’s “Angel Echoes”… You can even download it for free!!


The Acorn

With a new album out recently and countless of remixes/collaborations and other bits and bobs, Four Tet is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Check out his latest remix for the Acorn on Bella Union’s soundcloud page, where you can also download it from! Bonus…

In Africa #3

Ο πολυ-τάλαντος Madlib επιστρέφει με τον τρίτο τόμο του Medicine Show – Beat Konducta in Africa. Η Stones Throw προσφέρει 2 κομμάτια απο το άλμπουμ…

Bonobo – Black Sands

New album for the British electronic master Bonobo. Black Sands is the first full-length work of his since 2006’s Days To Come. Ninja Tune and Bonobo did great job, beautiful sounds, a perfect production.

All the songs in the album are really great and easy to listen to but there are songs like Kiara and Kong that put this record one level higher than others. There are also three songs featuring Andreya Triana. One of them is the Eyesdown that you can listen and see the official video below. It is the first video premiered this week from Bonobo.

Their sound reminds me a little bit of Plej and Bibio, beautiful artist with great albums as well.

Bonobo – Black Sands


The Sight Below

Since Monday is at the most of the times a blue Monday, here’s a song from The Sight Below that it can remind it to you the moment that you click the play button.

The Sight Below – New Dawn Fades

The Seattle based artist usually stays away from the spotlight. Instead, he expresses himself through melancholic music forms. The New Dawn Fades comes as a remix to Joy Division’s New Dawn Fades and as a “blue” song it’s perfectly mastered.

Enjoy!   [if you can, : ) ]

Caribou – Swim

A few days ago I made a post with Caribou’s new video for the song Odessa. Well, the time past and Caribou released his new album called Swim. Beautiful work, very well produced, nice tunes and great to listen to all day.

Caribou – Swim

8 out of 10 to Caribou.


Roll the Dice – Roll The Dice LP

New anticipated album from the Swedish duo Roll The Dice. Made exclusively out of a synth and a piano and the absence of the drum machine is why this is an essential and worth having album. The initiate plan was to get in the studio without having a pre conceived idea and that’s what they did, relied on their inspiration, in their innate precision and repetition.  Giving a final form in their work in Sweden, the result was this great album.


Roll The Dice – Roll The Dice LP