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Gorillaz – Stylo (video)

Here’s the new video clip of Gorillaz’ new song, Stylo. Beautifully produced, Bruce Willis is in it, perfect for a short film. Cannes here they come…



Caribou – Odessa

New amazing song and a brand new video clip for Caribou. The song’s name…Odessa.


Splitting the Atom

Here’s the brand new Video from the Massive Attack’s new album Heligoland..

The song…Splitting the Atom by Massive Attack.

The video…Directed by Edouard Salier, that he created a black and white animated clip, which shows a city that has been attacked by a wild creature frozen to hell…amazing the fact that the camera’s passing through all the mazes of concrete and people in such an artistic way. Beautiful…so is the song.