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Ο Andrew Weatherall εμφανίστηκε ξανά και αυτή τη φορά με τους Detachments. Ένα disco club mix πολύ καλά παρασκευασμένο πάνω στο τραγούδι τους, H.A.L.

Detachments – H.A.L (Andrew Weatherall’s Disco Club Mix)



MGMT all over again…

The young duo MGMT are in the studio for their new album that is going to be called Congratulations.

Here’s a sample of their new work. Just to see what they are up to…

MGMT – Flash Delirium


edit: We’ve just been told by MGMT’s record label that you can stream the whole album from Whoop!

The Sight Below

Since Monday is at the most of the times a blue Monday, here’s a song from The Sight Below that it can remind it to you the moment that you click the play button.

The Sight Below – New Dawn Fades

The Seattle based artist usually stays away from the spotlight. Instead, he expresses himself through melancholic music forms. The New Dawn Fades comes as a remix to Joy Division’s New Dawn Fades and as a “blue” song it’s perfectly mastered.

Enjoy!   [if you can, : ) ]

Caribou – Swim

A few days ago I made a post with Caribou’s new video for the song Odessa. Well, the time past and Caribou released his new album called Swim. Beautiful work, very well produced, nice tunes and great to listen to all day.

Caribou – Swim

8 out of 10 to Caribou.


New Young Pony Club

New album from the London’s five piece rock band, New Young Pony Club. Continuing to rock on the same wavelength, the new album, The Optimist, is a great follow up to their previous album Fantastic Playroom. They have self-produced, self-funded and self-released The Optimist, saying that they’ve grown up already.

Songs that I marked as my favourites were the so called The Optimist, We Want To, and the Lost A Girl.

7 out of 10 for the NYPC.


Groove Armada – Black Light

The electronic dance music duo from London, Groove Armada, made again a wonderful album. Andy Cato and Tom Findlay released their sixth album featuring great “darker” sounds according to Cato’s interview in Sydney.

Some of the songs that I picked up from their album was the last song of the album, History, and the amazing track featuring Bryan Ferry, Shameless. It is nice to hear Bryan Ferry again after all this time. The album starts to groove with the Look Me In The Eye Sister and continuous with the also beautifully produced Paper Romance.

All in all, Groove Armada did a great job, a slightly off pop album with Cato’s influences to differ once again.


Mulatu Astatke – Yegelle Tezeta

One of the best video remakes ever seen. This short film is amazing..

The idea with the monkeys from the Jungle book…awesome!

The song’s also a masterpiece. Mulatu made a great live show in the Athens’ Synch Festival last summer and of course this song earned a huge applause. You can find it also in the VA collection, “Ethiopian – modern instrumentals hits” or in the Broken Flowers movie’s soundtrack.

Here’s the clip…