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8. Washed Out – within & without. 8

Me to proigoumeno album tous mas eksepliksan euxaristan..

Me auto, synexizoun na mas taksideuoun me tous chillwave rythmous tous!

Parea me Toro Y Moi (pou btw evgale kainourgio album kai autos “Underneath the Pine”, me megali ypopsifiotita gia tin 20ada mas, pernontas omws lathos strofi xathike ston dromo) kai tous Neon Idian (kai autoi kainourgio, kai autoi xamenoi sto dromo, aksioi par’ ol’ auta for our top20), einai oi bandes pou vrethikan se ena periergo xasma metaksy indie pop kai dark groove kai synexisan na to eksereunoun xwris tin ellipsi tou enthousiasmou kai tis paragogikotitas…

  …kai stous mumblers aresei poly!


so far…

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Within & Without


Ζέστη και ξανά ζέστη.

Γι’αυτό και οι Washed Out με το chillwave κύμα τους ήρθαν να μας δροσίσουν. Καινούργιο άλμπουμ βγαλμένο απο τη δροσιά του καλοκαιριού που μόνο κόλαση δεν θυμίζει.

Τουλάχιστον τα παιδιά στο εξώφυλλο δείχνουν να το απολαμβάνουν αυτό το καλοκαίρι!

Washed Out και Within and Without λοιπόν.



washed out

It’s quite a long time now since the washed out’s album ‘Life of Leisure’ has been released and I was sure that I had done a post about them. Neaaah!

An excellent piece of synth-pop summer time piece of work from Ernest Greene aka Washed Out. It’s a small 6-track LP but it comes with joy.

You can buy or listen a small part of the album here.