Gil Scott-Heron’s new Album

After all these years, most of them spend in and out of prison, Gil Scott-Heron comes again through time to share with us a magnificent album called I’m New Here. Except from the music, the amazing thing about this album is that we hear again this deep voice sounds coming from Gil that leading us back in 70’s.

Three songs are those which I distinguish from the album and those are the tracks that reveal him as an adept interpreter of three generations’ worth of music: Robert Johnson’s “Me and the Devil” rendered as vintage Massive Attack, a minimalist, piano-driven orchestral reworking of the Brook Benton-written Bobby “Blue” Bland classic “I’ll Take Care of You”, and the unexpected but deftly claimed title track, sourced from Smog.

The only disappointing thing about this album is its length. It is less than half an hour. However in such sort time Gil Scott-Heron does a great  job and that’s why I’m high rating his new album.

8 out of 10 to Gil Scott-Heron’s new album then…




Αυριο βγαίνουν στη φορα τα μαγικα χαρτακια για τους αγωνες του Παναθηανικου εναντιων της Νεας Καβαλας και της Roma την Κυριακη 14 Φεβ και την Πεμπτη 18 Φεβ αντιστοιχα.

Τα εισητηρια για τη Roma θα ξεκινανε απο 20euros και θα καταληγουν στην τιμη των 100euros.

Περισσοτερες πληροφοριες για τα εκδοτηρια μπορειτε να δειτε εδω

Αντε και με τη νικη

Massive Attack

New album from the trip-hop duo Massive Attack called Heligoland, out from the 8th of Feb, comes to leave us speechless. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and you have once again a masterpiece…

Most of the songs in the Heligoland are production feating many great artists such as Hope Sandoval that feats in the best song of the album, in my opinion, called Paradise Circus. Here

Also in the song Saturday Come Slow Damon Albarn puts his signature, well known from the productions of the Blur and Gorillaz…

Hope to enjoy it as much as I did…

Thank you again Massive Attack

Foundry to be demolished!!

..and yes it’s true!

The Hackney council approved plans to pull down the building which accommodates the only pub that I loved when I lived in London. Foundry’s place will take a 18-storey hotel in a cylinder shape…crap!

Foundry wasn’t only a pub. It was an art gallery and a pub. Outside of Foundry, Banksy had made a huge 6 meter rat with a knife and fork over which the building’s owners have constructed a protective wooden covering. Thank god, the council specified its intention for the safe removal and retention of the artwork.

you can read more here in the guardian’s article by Esther Addley.


Mayer Hawthorne

And yes this is the Mayer Hawthorne’s song that amazed me one week ago when I bought this green vinyl.

The song is called Green Eyed Love and besides the original version someone can find the unbelievable remix from Classixx…Uhhh what a song!

so here it is…enjoy!

Mayer Hawthorne – Green Eyed Love (Classixx remix)



ακουσα αυτο το αλμπουμακι τωρα τελευταια και ηθελα να το μοιραστω μαζι σας..

Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue

ενα απο τα καλυτερα αλμπουμ στην κατηγορια της Electronic

κυκλοφορισε τον Ιουνιο του 2009 και δυστυχως το ακουσα τωρα…damn!

πιστευω ανετα ακουγεται ξανα και ξανα…

τα λεγαμε…