09.Girls- Father,Son,Holy Ghost .09

album pou paei me ola..
xwris na xanei se geusi k poiotita..
“The only reason I write songs is to copy guys I like,”
k kala kanei to atomo..
“I don’t want to make anything new here, I just want to be part of something I really like.”
k pernane autoi kala k emeis kalutera..

10.Wild Beasts-Smother (Domino records)10/11.Wooden Shjips -West (Thrill Jockey).11/12.Battles-Gloss Drop (Warp).12/
13.Peaking lights – 936 (Not Not Fun). 13/14.Gang Gang Dance – Eye Contact (4AD).14/
15.Dumbo Gets Mad – Elephants at the Door (bad panda records). 15/
16.James Ferraro – Far side virtual review (hippos in tanks).16/
17.Mark McGuire- Get lost (editions mego).17/18.Baby Guru- baby guru (inner ear).18
19.Balam Acab- wander/wonder (tri-angle).19/20.Bjork- biophilia (one little indian).20

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