Eimaste pantou….

και μιας που τ’αναφέραμε, πιστεύω ήρθε η ώρα για να αποκαλύψουμε ένα κοινό μυστικό ετυμολογίας…για διαβάστε παρακάτω:

1. Mumblers

A girl wearing a pair of pants so tight, like a camels toe, but tight enough so you can see her lips moving.
Hence “the mumble”, “i can see her lips are moving, but i cant work out what she’s saying”.

She’s wearing mumblers.
A large group of overweight, mumbler wearing women just walked by, i feel ill.


2. mumblers

very tight trousers/leggings worn by women.

stavros to richard: henrietta is wearing those vile mumblers again. you know, the ones where you can see the lips moving, but can’t understand what the cunt is saying….
source: urban dictionary
Άρα κάτι ήξερε ο Willy Wonka που τα έλεγε ε? ή μήπως και κάποιος άλλος… 😉

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