Synch 2010

Synch Festival of 2010 is pretty much over but it was nothing like the previous one. Only a couple of names kept the festival alive and one of those was that ugly blond beast that calls herself PEACHES…and they are so delicious fruits.

Peaches broke the stage with her stunning show..She was kept on changing costumes, with less fabric each time, making you feel that Cirque De Soleil was on the stage. I am not going to talk about her songs because there’s nothing to tell about them. Awesome tracks, powerful, full of energy. The best moment of the show was when Peaches said “Jesus walked on water, Peaches walks on you”..

The overall feeling that I took from the first day of the synch festival wasn’t that good. Thank god peaches were there. There were also the Fuck Buttons but I couldn’t have the strength to shoot them. No photos about them then…

The second day of the synch festival was worse. Very bad time programming for the bands and especially for the two big names that were on open air 1 stage. Who else: Hot Chip and Laurent Garnier. Both were amazing, really great shows with no surprises but in the wrong time. In my opinion Hot chip show be at 22:30 and Laurent Garnier should be after hours inside D7 stage…

It’s not that I didn’t appreciate the fact that I saw both of them live in Athens, but I think that I would enjoyed it most if they could manage it better in time. Anyway we are hoping that synch festival is going to stand on its feet again next year with more energy…

Get Well Soon synch festival…

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