Ratatatatatat t t t t ti ti e ti ti ? e?

Οk..so here we go …

back in 1984 or ’83 (i cant remember precisely) we used to have a pair of those small coloured cute parrots..they must have been exotic and really in fashion back then i suppose (something like imported bananas – )

they would come out of their cage fly around come on my hand and smile maybe shit at times and then back in the cage .i grew really fond of them couldnt spend a day without them i was obsessed (i was like OMG)…couple of months later and during a visit to my parents village both of them got a pigeon disease flu or i dontknow what else and died..that was my first realisation that life was unfair and full of parasites and flu(s) and that true beauty did not always prevail… for the next 26 or 27 years these peroquettes were haunting my dreams whenever a beautiful girl came up in the story they would shit all over her and then she would run away. . .

Until yesterday that is…and how did this happen you must all be wondering ? e? …welll LP4 was released and ratatatatatat e titi e ti ti ? (ufff that iz long) which happens to be one of my favourite bands with more than three records on their CV released me from my nightmares … on the same style like their previous stuff only a bit more organic and soulful vibrant and alive if i may say …

enjoy :

  1. June 26th, 2010
  2. November 13th, 2010

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