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New album for the Berliners ‘To Rococo Rot’ by Domino called Speculation. Their music lies in electronic-fused post-rock field where most other bands trying with synths and cyclic bass lines. If you are in this kind of music you are going to love it. Songs like “Working Against Time” add a cosmic rhythm to the album where the synths are fighting the persistent beats, as if in reference to the title. Also good songs are the “Away” and the “Seele”, with more dark, fuzzy tones.

MGMT released their new album Congratulations with Columbia records. As posted in a previous post, MGMT managed to make a great job once again, like they did with their previous album Oracular Spectacular. However if you liked MGMT for their first album you can try to find something similar in other bands. There’s nothing similar in the new album and that’s amazing. They have leaved pop and started making real music. Congratulations MGMT!

LCD Soundsystem’s brand new album ‘This Is Happening’ is released on May 17th (EU) / May 18th (US). You can hear the whole album in the LCD website. All nine tracks are now streaming live and you can have a first taste for the third album from LCD Soundsystem. Enjoy!

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